A few years back I had a hankering for a real wood pipe chanter reed protector, the plastic ones having little or no character, so I got one. And what a disappointment: very roughly made indeed and I would have been embarrassed to have produced it.

Now, I myself can offer such an item, so very much better made, see the pics.

Different woods used - as available, blackwood, striped ebony, laburnum, pear, etc., with a stainless, nickel or plastic ferrule (again, as available) with retaining screw.

£22 each, bored for pipe chanter (21mm) or let me know your own requirements for the bore size.

Add £3 for postage to any UK postcode.

Pics are of actual items made, but all of these have sold. Each one made is unique.

Will fit standard pipe chanter with pipe reed in situ with plenty of space inside. Specialities undertaken - extra wide, extra long, etc., ask for a quote.

Real wood bagpipe chanter reed protector