Tuition - Online via Jitsi Meet/ Riot, which are easy to set up and more secure than Skype, or at your home for 1to1 bagpipe tuition. Beginners, intermediate or more advanced welcome.

Bagpipe improvement best as home visit. Practice chanter lessons at home or online.

Bagpipes not required to get started, only a practice instrument and lesson material.

Full/ part time position welcomed.

Over 25 years teaching experience, including 10 years as Black Watch Army Cadet Force piping instructor.

From £15 per lesson, within Glenrothes/ Kirkcaldy. Please get in touch before paying to discuss requirements.

Playing - Any occasion you wish a piper to enhance that special day. Commissioned bagpipe music also undertaken.

Please enquire for fees if outside Glenrothes/ Kirkcaldy immediate area..




Free advice on instrument purchase, please enquire before buying. If its cheap, it's likely to be unfit for purpose!


Bagpipe music composition/ commissions undertaken for any occasion. Check out the website.

Bagpipes made to order and bagpipe refurbishments also undertaken by a very experienced bagpipe maker.

All fees on enquiry.  Price posted is for a bagpipe lesson. See other listings.


Please enquire about your bagpiping requirement, I'm happy to advise and accommodate your request.

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