Black Diamond Reeds

Drone, Pipe & practice chanter


Black Diamond Reeds was born out of the development and success of our own designed synthetic bagpipe drone reeds after many months of tinkering with our initial model. Making our own synthetic practice reeds and cane drone reeds, among other bagpiping related products, it felt right to name our reeds after our synthetic drone reeds, derived from one of the rarest gemstones around, the black diamond.

We pride ourselves in knowing all our products are individually tested before leaving our store. Whether that be in our practice chanters, standard and long, or in a set of Hain (2021) or Sinclair (1940's) Highland bagpipes. In the case of the drone reed sets, practice reeds or pipe chanter reeds, there should be no issues when the order reaches you, but we are always very happy to discuss any concerns with a view to resolving the problem with you to your satisfaction. This can be an education in itself, both for us and our customers. 


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