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Free Bagpipe Workshop
0900 -1145
Town Hall, High Street, Auchtermuchty, Fife.


Saturdays when demand dictates, only needs to be a few pipers, learners or more experienced, likely to be 19th or 26th of October, unless there's a demand. 

We could start something here, all you pipers who want to get together for a fun team practice. No slacking on the technical demands, but that's how it becomes fun, doing it right, - right? 

 Let me know if you're interested. 

This workshop is likely to be run periodically throughout the year, depending on interest. Bring your pipes and/ or practice chanter or just yourself and join in the workshop. What's involved in learning to tuning pipes, where to buy pipes or equipment, how to 'hemp up', or simply improve your playing technique. You bring the agenda.

Also the possibility of individual or group tuition, starting at £8 per person for a group of up to 6 of similar standard, usually beginners. £15 for individual tuition. This could be a regular lesson if Saturday morning suits you. 

Lesson timings

0900 - 0945

1000 - 1045

1100 - 1145

Please get in touch to let me know your standard (beginner/ novice/ intermediate/ advanced, etc.) to book or enquire. 



MacInnes, - hunting sett II (personal) MacInnes, - hunting sett II (personal)

Philamor Highland Bagpiping



Bagpipe Tuition ...


Tuition, for me, is the reward for the many years already given to the instrument I love, being able to pass my knowledge on to the many of you out there with ambitions to perfect this unique instrument.


Students initially don't require bagpipes; a practice chanter and excersise sheets are all that's required, but this purchase can last you all your piping life, with a practice chanter  being the 'go to' piece of gear when learning new techniques or tunes. The bagpipe will be the reward for some hard work and dedication to learning the language of music, with bagpipes as the specialisation. Music theory, finger technique and bagpiping regimes, hints and tips to make it as painless as possible all being passed on to the student. 


I am currently looking for more work in bagpipe tuition, so if you know someone or group/ school looking for a tutor, please pass on my details to get in touch and I will be pleased to discuss their requirements.


I have also been involved with writing specially commissioned tunes. So if you require a special tune for a special occasion or commemoration, please get in touch with your requirements for a quote.

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